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 Klasmann growing media is made of peatmoss. Peatmoss comes from Sphagnum moss (Sphagnum sp.) that has been decomposed for several thousand years. Some essential characteristics of peatmoss are its light weight and high percentage of pore space, which enhance its capability to stay humid, stay in slightly low pH, and detach from plant diseases and pests. With these characteristics, peatmoss is a perfect choice as growing media as well as nursing materials.

Peatmoss can be divided into three types according to its layer and texture:

  Top layer of peatmoss contains brownish in color. It is light with large pore space from lesser compression and shorter decomposition time. This type of peat is called “white peat.”
  Middle layer of peatmoss contains dark brown color. It is heavier than white peat with smaller pore space. This layer of peat material has gone through more decomposition process which allows it to hold more water. This type or peat is called “moderately decomposed white peat” or “brown peat.”
  Bottom layer of peatmoss contains black in color. With the most compression and decomposition, it has smallest pore space which can hold the most amount of water as compared to the higher layers. This type of peat is called “black peat.”     

 Klasmann Deilmann is the manufacturer of high class peatmoss that distributes products around the globe. Because Klasmann Deilmann owns a large area of peatmoss mine in Germany and Lithuania, they have high production capability and quality guaranteed peatmoss. Y.V.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd is the only representative of Klasmann in Thailand. We foresee that Klasmann peatmoss is an outstanding product that can become a big part in Thai commercial horticulture industry. Therefore; we decided to offer Klasmann peatmoss for our customers in Thailand.