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Y.V.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd is the importer and distributor of the following products:

  1. Growing media, under the brand Klasmann manufacturing in Germany and Lithuania. Klasmann’s growing media comes in the form of white peat and black peat. These growing media are suitable for commercial horticulture, such as nursing or green house plants. Peat is a perfect choice for nursery because it can prevent the loss of young valuable plants.
  2. Sprayers, under the brand Osatu, manufactured by Goizper, Spain. Osatu sprayers come in different shape and size with special design and materials.
  3. Coated fertilizer, under the brand Multi-teck, manufactured by Haifa, Israel. Coated fertilizer is the type of fertilizer where time of nutrient release can be controlled to be released in 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months.
  4. Foliar fertilizers that are suitable for orchids and flowering plants, contain additional nutrients and secondary nutrients fertilizers in suitable amount for plants growth.
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