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Y.V.P. Fertilizer Co.,Ltd Advantages


  1.  The importer of fertilizer materials from different part of the world
  2.  Outstanding and accurate manufactured processing and machines
  3.  Nitrogen comes in three forms of fertilizer, which are urea, ammonium, and nitrate
  4.  Filler is in the form of soil conditioner that contains secondary nutrients of calcium, magnesium, and sulfur  

Y.V.P. Fertilizer Co.,Ltd is a fertilizer manufacturing company that holds three brands including


  1.  The Triangle-Circle brand
  2.  The Three Trees brand
  3.  The Silver-Golden Frog brand

The fertilizers of Y.V.P. Fertilizer Co.,Ltd are manufactured with accurate and precise machines controlled by computer system with close observation. Every bag of fertilizer is controlled with the exact nutrient percentage and is widely accepted by all customers and other manufacturers.

Y.V.P. Fertilizer Co.,Ltd is the first company in Thailand that established bulk blend fertilizer that contains the additional secondary nutrients and fillers with soil conditioner. The additional nutrients and soil conditioner increase the nutrients available to plants in soil, adjust the soil condition to be suitable for plantation, and take concern on soil pH level. Furthermore, Y.V.P. Fertilizer Co.,Ltd also produces wide array of different types to fertilizers to be suitable for all different types of plants.